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About Us


Started in 1991 as a family owned residential builder in the greater Tacoma area, Vaughn Bay Construction grew into a leading provider of both light commercial and affordable multi-family building.  Headquartered in Tacoma, Vaughn Bay Construction is a leader in developing affordable housing across the country, throughout the Pacific Northwest and stretching from Florida to the Hawaiian Islands.



Vaughn Bay Construction had humble beginnings, starting out in 1991 as a family owned residential builder in the greater Tacoma area. Over the years, Vaughn Bay Construction has evolved into a competitive affordable multi-family and light commercial builder. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Vaughn Bay Construction is now reaching out across the country from Florida to the Hawaiian Islands in its development of affordable housing.



Vaughn Bay Construction believes families deserve quality, affordable housing. Through our collaboration with local non-profit housing organizations and successfully using the Low Income Tax Credit Program, we build affordable housing, offering affordable rents in difficult to develop areas where sub-standard housing has often been the norm.

Choosing Vaughn Bay


At Vaughn Bay Construction, we believe that every building we build reflects who we are. Our seventeen years of construction experience is testimony of how we expect the very best in construction services from our team of subcontractors.

From materials and workmanship start to finish, Vaughn Bay Construction demands and expects excellence through all phases of building quality affordable housing. We screen and retain the best subcontractors based on issues of safety and craftsmanship, ensuring that each phase of any Vaughn Bay Construction project is handled with the upmost care and professionalism.